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Dr Tilak Ranjan Bera, an avid nature lover and a passionate photographer, has explored a number of remote areas documenting their unique features. His service in the Defence got him opportunities to explore several little-known areas of India. Over a period of time, he developed an interest in Indology and has since dedicated his life to arrange the pre-recorded past. While researching on this, he introduced quite a few ‘never-thought-of ideas’ that resulted in developing a new set of tools to conceptualize the pre-recorded past of India. His approach is so unique that we are compelled to look at our history with a new perspective. Meticulous presentation of events and excellent photographs make his books a collector’s choice.

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Dr Bera's latest book, titled "India in Egypt" explores the unheard of cultural and ethnic connectivity between India and Egypt. This connectivity possibly got established during the early trans-Himalayan migration period 10,000 years ago. This book is an attempt to arrange the ground evidence, available both in India and Egypt, to recreate the pre-recorded relationship between the two civilizations.

This book has the potential to alter the views regarding the antiquity of Indian civilization and its contribution.


Book launch

will be announced soon...

Subsequent volumes would deal with the evidences of connectivity of the Indian civilization with the European civilization.

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