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Goa - A journey and Reminiscence

In this book, the charming essence of Goa and the unseen side of the state have been depicted by the author in a riveting manner with extraordinary photographs. It is an authentic and unparalleled saga of a unique state that has a remarkable and interesting history. Along with its serene, golden beaches, it also boasts of many small towns, frozen in time, which one can discover more of, through this marvel of a book. An important aspect of this book is compilation of evidences of the pre-Portuguese Hindu and early Christian Goa. Several artifacts suggest an early Red Sea connectivity of Goa with the Mediterranean region. Usgalimol rock carvings suggest an association of the region with the early migrating fraternities of India. 

Printed Price : Rs.2000/-

Availability : Yes, available for sale.
Publication : Woodland Publishers
Date of Publication : 2011

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